Prafull Munishwar-

श्री. प्रफुल्ल मुनिश्वर हे महालक्ष्मी मंदिराचे मूळ हक्कदार पुजारी आहेत. श्री. मुनिश्वर यांची ही ५७ वी पिढी महालक्ष्मीच्या सेवेत आहे. सर्व प्रकारचे धार्मिक विधी त्यांच्याकडून केले जातात. महालक्ष्मी मंदिर उघडणे ते रात्री बंद करणे इथपर्यंतची सर्व जबाबदारी या पूजक घराण्याकडे आहे.

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We do poojas, coronation, religious ceremony of goddess shri mahalaxmi, Devotee who desire to offer cash, donation or material of vow will surrendered to goddess Mahalaxmi & gives its receipt, willingly Prasad will sent by post, saree Prasad is available.

Goddess Shri Mahalaxmi - The Mahalaxmi temple, an ancient temple in kolhapur, is dedicated to the Goddess of prosperity and peace. Shri Mahalaxmi locally known as Goddess Ambabai .

The temple was constructed during the region of king karandev of chalukya dynasty in 7th Century AD. Construction and development of this temple continued during kingdoms Chalukya for next two centuries. Temple has faced major earth quake during the period of 8 - 9th century, then afterwards reconstruction work has been done by kingdom of Rashtrakut. In 12th century kolhapur is a capital city of king Shilahar . The maximum construction of this temple is been built by king Shilahar during 12th century.

Temple is a marvelous example of architectural style known as “Hemadpanthi”in ancient india. The walls of the temple complex are adorned with exquisite carvings and many sculptures. The temple complex consist of five towers and main hall. The idol of mahalaxmi is very unique weighing 40 kg , made as a monolithic structure embedded with precious stones and diamonds.
Major festivals are celebrated here with much enthusiasm. Navratri or the festival of Nine Nights start from Ashvin - shu - 1 ( Ghatas-tha-pana - 28 september 2011) to 9 , is devoted to the propitiation of Shakti or Divine Mother. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindu calendar. Goddess represents prakriti, responsible for creation of the world according to the religious ideology of goddess worship.

Another major attraction of devotees is in days of Kiranotsav (The rays of setting Sun light crosses the main area of temple, hall and entered in to the area of idol Goddess Shri Mahalaxmi ) It is celebrated for three days from January 31 every year.